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Reusable Face Shield (Anti-virus, Anti-fog, 1 pc)- MaskZ

99 SEK
SKU F0002

Face Shield, Made in EU

Excellent additional accessory along with masks for close contact to patients or air-tight environment exposed to air-borne diseases e.g. airplanes. It is recommended to wear both mask and face shield together for maximum protection.

Special Features:

  • Protect direct splash and dust
  • Reduce virus intrusion
  • PET-G: high durability and rigid film
  • unrestricted visibility, perfect transparency and causes no distortion
  • Lightweight - causes no discomfort during long wearing
  • Adjustable wide strap made of elastic material that fits perfectly
  • Possible to wear a pair of corrective eyeglasses together with the shield mask


Size: 33,2cm x 24,7cm

Reusable: Easily clean the face shield using alcohol or UV

CE certified, Hygienic certificate issued by National Institue of Public Health

Origin: EU

No of piece (s): 1 unit

Face shields are simple, transparent screens that cover the face and help prevent infectious droplets from entering the eyes, nose and mouth. Wear in conjunction with masks, blocking splashes and sprays from reaching the face and preventing workers from touching their faces.