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FFP1 Mask (80 percent Bacteria Filtration) - Moldex

389 SEK

Easy-to-wear filtered disposable dust mask

Activform® feature: Automatically fits to the face.
No manual adjustments by the user are necessary.

Clip & Adjustable Strap: Easy on & off; mask can be worn around the neck during breaks.

Nose seal: The flexible nose seal improves fit and provides optimum wearing comfort.

FFP1 European standard - at least 80% Bacteria filtration efficiency 

Product tested and approved according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009.


Brand: Moldex 2380 FFP1

Origin: Germany

No of mask(s) in the pack: 1 piece

For more information about what the mask can protect you against from and the difference in mask types, read more on our page: Guidance.