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Anti-Viral & Washable Face Cover by MaskZ (Navy Blue)

175 SEK
SKU V0002-M

Revoluntionary face cover with anti-viral technology and ultra-slim looking.

Washable: up to 30 times, without diminished efficacy of its protective properties.

Reusable: can be reused multiple times before washing because the fabric continuously destroys virus. Wash when mask gets moist.

Ultra-slim, breathable face cover: 3D cup with adjustable strap

Strap included to hang around the neck: if you need to take the mask on and off during security check at the airport, eating, shopping etc. and are tired of placing it somewhere else.

Anti-viral function: Viruses are constantly destroyed on the fabric surface. Fabric surface is specially treated with an anti-viral textile finish developed by HealthGuard Australian Technology.

How it works: The anti-viral textile finish ruptures the cell wall killing the DNA of covid VS An untreated textile will have enveloped virus particles deposited on it.

The the anti-viral textile finish, HealthGuard AMIC/PLB, has been independently tested to be 99.9% effective against killing spores of Corona Virus (H1N1), SARS and Influenza Virus.

Washing instructions:

  • Wash daily at 30°C with similar colours.
  • Use Hand-wash mode in Washing machine or hand wash.
  • Air dry, do not tumble dry.


(NOT FOR MEDICAL USE!). Always follow your national health institution's recommendations, even when wearing the mask. This mask reduces exposure to dust, allergens, germs and bodily fluids. However, this mask is not a respirator and will not eliminate the risk of contracting disease or infection. Due to hygienic reasons this item can not be returned once this bag is opened.

Materials: 100% Cotton.