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Mask Gift box - 1 antimicrobial mask, 1 sanitizer, free mask case (1 month use)

199 SEK
SKU K0001-M

A Perfect gift box to protect your loved ones every day.

The gift box contains:


You are exposed to virus, pathogens and, bringing along a daily kit can help you take steps to keep your hands clean and face masked.

What to pack in your daily kit?
Your daily kit should contain the following hygiene products recommended by health experts like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Mask for daily wear when travelling in transport, going to work. This gift box contains not only an innovative tool that acts on virus, but the mask is also a statement piece that is handcrafted perfectly to fit your face shape. 

Hand sanitizer. A spray that kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses on your mask, hand and electronic devices (e.g. phones). Our Pocket spray is the world's first Swedish-made innovative sanitizer that removes the alcohol smell and doesn't hurt your already-dried hand.

How to disinfect your mask? Spray the outer area of the mask, then air dry it. Ready to be reuse!