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MaskZ of Sweden offers access to thousands of companies through our mask marketplace. Our customers are constantly looking for products at competitive prices. Open up new business opportunities by becoming our vendor and make your product visible to over a million visitors!

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How to start

Step 1     Apply to become a vendor

If you wish to become a vendore you will need to start with filling out our application form. We only accept authentic products from brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. We do no accept unverified products from brokers or unauthorized resellers.

Step 2     Send product information

For us to be able to review and upload your product we ask that you send in complete product information and a stock quotation form. You can see the full list of documents below.

Step 3     Send samples

After successfully uploading your files, we will review all of the information and request samples. A sample of each product in it's original package will need to be sent to our sourcing team for final quality check. We will also take pictures of your product for our platform. 

Step 4     Boost your sales

Once your application and products have been approved you can start boosting your sales with thousands of our B2B customers and make your product visible to over a million visitors! 

 Reviewing Application

After submitting your application form we ask that you send the following documents to :

Note: Only products in CE category II and III require EU type examination and quality management systems certificates.

Required Product Information 

1. Product sheet with technical specifications and user instructions
2. Stock quotation (Download form)
3. High quality images (Must include all sides of the product and package)
4. CE Declaration of Conformity
5. EU Type Examination Certificates 
6. Test report from authorized lab or european notified body 
7. Quality Management Systems certificate ISO:9001/13485

Sending Samples

After we have reviewed the submitted documents we will send recepient information for samples.