All fees are listed in Swedish Kronor, unless otherwise stated. 

Signing up is easy and free of charge. Simply fill in your details on our vendor application form and we will be in touch momentarily to include you in our community.

MaskZ only charges a small commission fee of 1-5kr per unit depending on your product type once a trade is completed. We insure all trades made on the platform taking the credit risk.

Benefits to sell with MaskZ

MaskZ is more than just your typical marketplace. We share financing risks with buyers, so that you will always get your pre-payment.

We take charge of financing and marketing of your products. You as a factory or brand can focus 100% on production and delivery.

We take pride in tailoring the perfect solution for all of our members and offer several different financing solutions for companies.

This means that we may offer to take partial or full credit risks for the transactions together with our trusted business buyers. We take care of your marketing and financing problems that are constantly face by cross border trading. 

We may also invest in your sample costs for our trusted buyers to remove communication hurdles and sample costs between sellers and buyers. 

We offer import and export shipment arrangement 

MaskZ is licensed to import and export mask internationally. We can arrange shipment directly with our dedicated courier service providers from your factory where your goods are produced to our business customers.

We aim at zero hassles for both buyers and sellers.

Trusted Buyers

We vet all of our business customers via credit check and due diligence. You can sell volume with MaskZ while having trusted customers.