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Products & Pricing

Common questions about our products & pricing

MaskZ of Sweden is a fair and ethical mask e-tailer, providing personal health protection equipment at the best quality and price possible. We do not tolerate any form of Price Gouging and we are at the best interests of the general public. Currently, all our products are sold at market price.


Where do you source your products from?

We source directly from manufacturers or brands in Europe. However, due to supply shortage in EU, we are also importing from outside EU to meet demand. While we try to do a complete check and research on our supplier's product sources to ensure quality, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by our supplier. If this happens, please notify us immediately at and we will take appropriate action. 

Why are prices higher than usual/ pre-coronavirus period?

Since coronavirus, product and shipping costs have increased significantly due to extreme high demand, supply shortage and heavy logistics traffic. To compensate the rising costs, our product price rise with the market costs.


Why is the pricing different for different brands of the same grade e.g. FFP2?

We purchased product from different manufacturers at varying prices which fluctuates from time to time. This depends on raw material, transporation and operational costs.


The price has changed since my last visit - why?

Since we always strive to offer a competitive price, the prices can be adjusted from day to day so that you always feel confident that you are doing a fair and fair deal with us. Prices may also vary depending on current campaigns starting and ending. Promotional products are labeled with a promotional label in our listings.


MaskZ Ethical Pricing Policy:

We are committed to set a standard across the mask industries and avoid profiteers during this disaster event.

  • All of our products to be sold at market price.
  • We do not source from factories or suppliers that charge higher than market price.
  • We do not collaborate with factories that are recently built or suppliers who supply low quality masks.
  • We conduct due diligence on certifications, products, factory background, export capability before selling to public. In more extreme cases, we have appointed our business partner to conduct ground check in factory to verify.
  • All of our products are qualified for exports and follow strict international custom rules.