We shipped to over 30 countries worldwide for both private individuals and companies between Europe, US and Asia.

For Private individuals, check out our shipping rates and delivery time in this page

For Companies, we offer flexible and secure options by air, rail or sea. With our extensive years of experiences in mask trading, we are able to handle millions units of shipments per order and optimize delivery time to meet your business demand. 

Benefits of MaskZ Shipping options:

You pay for what is quoted from our secure courier partner. We optimize your shipping routes to your designated location without charging extra costs.

To request for shipping quotes and time for our products, simply 'Add to Quote' for the products.

You will then receive the Total Price Quote of the products including shipping and other associated costs, normally within 24 hours after confirmation on quantity of stocks and shipping location. 

With our warehousing solution and global distribution network, we also offer a range of on-demand services apart from mask products:

  • DDP Incoterms (Ship directly to your final destination with MaskZ handling your custom clearance, international and last mile shipping) with tracking transparency.
  • Affordable shelf space rental at our warehouse in Sweden, ship to us and we sell your products on our website. We ship and pay you for every sale you make on our website.

Contact us at bd@maskzofsweden.com for more information.