Company Benefits to buy with MaskZ

MaskZ is more than just your typical marketplace.

We share buyer financing and logistics risks with companies to ensure Smooth Delivery from start to finish. We have skin in the game.

We take pride in tailoring the perfect solution for all of our members and offer several different financing and logistics solutions for companies.

This means that we may offer to take partial or full credit risks for the transactions together with our trusted business buyers.

Shop directly from manufacturers and brands. Enjoy big discounts. 

We have close relationships with all of our suppliers, which means you will benefit from large volume discounts despite a smaller purchase. This is made possible due to MaskZ's ability to share risks with our buyers and long term supplier relationships. 

Often, companies are charged with high mark-ups due to chains of intermediates and unknown supplier sources. We work hard to ensure MaskZ connects companies with direct supply sources to eliminate middleman and heavy mark-ups from resellers involve in the transactions. 

MaskZ only charges a small commission fee of 1-5kr per unit depending on your product type once a trade is completed. We insure all trades made on the platform taking the credit risk. 

All fees are listed in Swedish Kronor, unless otherwise stated. 

Dare to be Industry leader in Mask Authenticity. Secured product quality.

We are well aware of fake documents and mask products sold on many small and big marketplaces due to recent pandemic. At MaskZ, we are determined to be the industry leader in qualifying each and every product and supplier in the global market. 

MaskZ does not tolerate fake or poor quality masks. We rejected thousands of applications from unqualified products and suppliers who have unsecure supplies. 

All products and suppliers listed on our websites run through intensive rounds of due diligence by MaskZ experts. The process includes samples check by our product expertise, documents verification with authorities, company check etc, which distinguishes us from our marketplaces.

We pride ourselves as being the quality leader in the industry to ensure high mask standard for the safety of public health. Stay Safe and shop safe.