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Pocket Sanitizer for hands and mobile screens (Alcohol free)

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SKU H0002

Pocket sanitizers for hands and phone/electronic screens
225 sprays, 20ml, Aloe Vera, Vitamen B5

Effectively kills up to 99.99% bacteria and viruses

Alcohol free, hydrating formula

  • Clean your electronics without destroying the audio and touch functions. (Alcohol damages electronics)
  • Travel at ease on planes (Alcohol is flammable and airlines do not allow sanitizers of over 60%, however, to be effective at killing viruses and bacteria, the alcohol content needs to exceed 75%)
  • No more dry hands! (Our active ingredient called biopolymer keeps the moisture on your hand for hours)
  • No more strong smell from alcohol.


World's first pocket sanitizers for both hands and electronic screens!

99.99%, not 99.9% which means the remaining 0.09% bacteria will not be able to multiply and grow- keeping your hands clean

Perfect size for carrying it in your pocket as a daily accessory.

Use frequently to keep your hands clean if access to soap and water is limited. Spray 2-3 times on your hands and allow to air dry.
No need to use moisturizer any more.

Standard: EN1500, EN13967

Brand: MaskZ of Sweden

Origin: Sweden

(Hand spirit, disinfection, hand disinfection, alcogel, alcogel)