Where does the world’s mask come from?

By Tobias Sjöstedt

Most people have a relationship with face masks nowadays and for many of us, it’s something that we always bring together with everything else. But how much do know about where the masks are being made?

Most of the masks are made in the factory Sanqi, located in the Chinese town of Rizhao. They're producing over three million face masks of the surgical kind per day to meet the demand from the rest of the world besides making 10 % of China’s surgical masks.

Countries leading with masks

Besides the Sanqi factory, masks are being made all over the world and most of them are made for single-use. But new brands such as Avocado Mattress are making eco-friendly masks made from 100 percent GOTS organic cotton. Manufactures has a great responsibility to not only make products that protects the use, but also the environment due to its ability to end up somewhere else than in the thrash. 

Making a difference

Every small step is important when choosing your face masks. Not only should you pick someone that gives you the maximum protection, but you should also look for masks made from sustainable sources (both material and fabric) and make sure that your mask is made without the use of toxic substances. Because even if we’re in the middle of a pandemic, there’s no reason not to think of the planet, future, or our wellbeing.

In our shop, you can find both non-toxic and quality certified masks made from recycled material. But not only that – the Anti-Viral & Washable Face Cover makes use of the latest technology by HealthGuard, which protects you from being infected by the virus. Whatever the need or situation, MaskZ of Sweden’s got your face covered.