Top 10 of the most innovative masks of 2020

By Jose Caloca

Since the mid-fourteenth century, masks have had infinities of change to protect humans from massive infections, with the intention of not having the same consequences generated by the Black Death, but in favor of improving conditions in situations of this type.

Hence, the thirst for innovation, technological advances and other types of viruses have allowed changes in their design, function, and purpose. Therefore, it is not surprising that during 2020 several companies took the lead to go to the forefront with new designs that seek to further protect people and, at the same time, provide them with safety and comfort.

It is important that you know that the designs that you will see below have different purposes, that is, some sought a balance between security, protection, and design. Others did not focus as much on design but did focus on safety. What they do all have in common is that they seek a way to create a quality, different, innovative product that pleases people, as well as offering protection and status.

Without further ado, meet the top 10 most stylish, readily available, and most efficient masks against COVID-19.


10. BioVYZR 1.0

It is a powered respirator and air purifier. It is made up of an anti-fog face shield, two side windows, a neoprene vest, two fans that last 8 hours on a single charge and is formidable and light in size. It is perfect for use in crowded places. What is particular and differentiating is its style, since its size means that part of the shoulders is covered by the mask. Although it is somewhat different from the others, being so elaborate can be harmful.

9. Deluxe mask

A wealthy Chinese businessman from Shanghai asked jewelry brand Yvel to make the world's most expensive mask, also requested the mask to have three levels of filtration, and to be ready before the end of the year. It is probably the most expensive mask, as it has a value of 1.5 million dollars and will be made with 18-karat gold and 3,608 natural diamonds with a net weight of 210 carats. The delivery is expected in December.

8. Sealing mask 

The Israeli, Noam Gavriely, has created a mask that blocks more than 99 percent of bacteria and has a seal throughout the mask. Although it is not an attractive model, it complies with the protection measures. A similar model was even used during the gas war in Iraq.

7. Heart-shaped mask

The husband of the cardiologist Allison Dupont designed an N95-style mask and 3D printed it. What is unique about this design is that the mask has a heart on top of the filter. Both have been given the task of donating this design to professionals in the health sector. At this moment, both are fundraising to boost this project.

6. Read my lips mask

One of the pillars of innovation, especially in the technological area, is to improve people's quality of life. For this reason, an Israeli student dedicated herself to making a special mask for those with hearing disabilities. One of the advantages is that the transparent material will not cloud with the steam generated by the nose or mouth. For this project to materialize and distribute massively, sponsors are needed to accompany this cause.

5. Mask label

A 3D printed antiviral nanotechnology sticker was created to be used on doctors' masks in mid-August of this year in order to provide more protection to healthcare personnel. Its application is simple, you just must place the mesh over the mask. Although the adhesive may seem somewhat exaggerated, the nanometric particles do protect people even more.

4. The extra mask

An English design shows us a safety standard that exceeds FPP3 masks with a fresh, comfortable, and attractive design. In addition, it guarantees calm and effortless breathing. It also has an airtight seal and a modular design that makes the filter easy to clean. And finally, it has a kind of window included in the filter part, which allows you to breathe pure air in places where you do not necessarily need a mask. For example, the way home by bike.

3. Mask Air Z

Besides being light, it is reusable. This mask offers you 3 speeds in the airflow, 5 layers for filtration, eliminates perspiration inside the mask and only requires a two-hour charge to be used for 5 hours. In addition, it has an attractive design, light and moldable to most of the outfit. Likewise, the company offers a variety of colors to suit each person.

2. Leaf mask

It is a mask developed in the USA and it has been the first in a transparent way, registered by the FDA, N100, MERV 20+ HEPA, self-stabilizing and intelligent. Another advantage is that it is so light that people do not feel the texture on their face. It also has an N95 filter exhaust and includes an activated carbon.

1. HealthGuard Anti-Viral Technology 

This face cover by Maskz of Sweden, has a series of attributes that makes it unique and leads this ranking, especially for its price compared to previous masks, it is also washable, reusable, stylish, and is made with a material that destroys viruses made by HealthGuard Australian Technology. This mask has been tested and the results show that it eliminates 99.99% of COVID-19 spores. Also, this mask has a ultra-slim looking which makes it very easy to carry and wear. Because of all its attributes, it receives top marks in terms of efficiency, style, and availability.


After knowing the 10 most innovative masks, do you have a favorite? Would you use any? Do you think they will continue to innovate? As you will see, each design has a goal and an intention. Some have an affordable cost for many and others, only for a limited audience.