The Technology Behind Anti-viral Masks!

By Jose Caloca

How do the Anti-viral Masks Work?

The use of masks has radically surged in the past year. Currently there are several masks that are readily available, but the most commonly known mask is the one with anti-viral technology. What makes this mask so special? Let’s find out!

The HealthGuard Technology

The journey began in 1990 with the Australian company HealthGuard, that developed an antimicrobial mask to shield you from the microbes. HealthGuard has been dedicated towards the invention of antiviral textiles, that is, designing fabrics that neutralize mites, bacteria, and viruses such as H1N1 flu, SARS.

Just as HealthGuard have been able to control the existence of mites in mattresses, pillows, and furniture. They achieve this feat by substance application that achieves the anti-microbial protection for masks.

How does it work?

With the permanent antimicrobial treatment technique, the masks are proven to protect you from the microbes. Its use has to do with the application of a reactive silane quaternary ammonium compound antimicrobial liquid. It is applied to some filter material and a layer of positively charged polymer is formed that is responsible for neutralizing microbes. This treated surface on the masks is anti-microbially active that kills the microbes on contact. In addition, it lasts 30-50 times after having washed the mask, and that it remains as effective as in the first application.

Results have shown that these masks with breathable fabric help filter out air particles. However, the anti-viral shield on the mask takes up to 10 minutes to indicate viricidal activity and about an hour to completely abolish the infectious activity of the virus.

It is important to note that the creation of this mask seeks to follow the regulations for products, biocides, and what is pre-registered in article 95 of the European regulations. Also, note that, unlike the competition in this field, this product does not fade as fast as the others that must be due to the level of toxicity. In the case of HealthGuard, it uses conventional methods and offers long-term control of the components used.

Our Anti-Viral & Washable Face Cover by MaskZ uses the last technology provided by HealthGuard, and shield you from the viruses. These anti-viral & washable masks could be used as a tool as they are not medical grade they do not provide full protection from the viruses.