Hopping Online in the Holiday Spirits

By Tobias Sjöstedt

In a world of quarantine, social distancing, and closed shops, pandemic has moved us toward a more digital world. In America, the sale of retail and food decreased by 7.7 % between February - April compared to the non-store retailers increase by 16 % and 14.8 %. Businesses need to understand their customers and that’s made through an e-commerce platform. The e-commerce platform sheds light on how the customers interact with the site, did they access it through a computer/phone, and what products they search for.

Virtual gatherings once again

In pre-pandemic times, video calls were something mostly used for work. But the pandemic has shown us that there are hundreds of possibilities: schools and workplaces are still functioning and people forced into quarantine can still be a part of the family dinner.

The online shopping surge!

Even if online shopping has increased in 2020, the art of giving is something that the digital world never can replace. Or can it? The internet has established new traditions in remote gift exchange where you and your colleagues sign up via, for example, Elfster, and make a wish list. So even if you aren’t in the same place, the feeling of celebrating as a family will.

Transitions and trends

The internet has enabled us to go to work and school in 2020. But the feeling of hugging the person you haven’t seen in a long time is something that is exchanged but never replaced. Be careful when traveling during the holidays, especially when going by train or by airplane. Take short trips with preferable car alone or with people you know, avoiding too many stops and use drive-through when buying food.

So keep social distancing in mind, bring a mask to cover your face and nose and a bottle of hand sanitizer. And take care, have fun, and think positive.