Gear Up for Safe Travels!

By Tobias Sjöstedt

The effect that corona has had on the airline industry is clear: tourists are required to be insured, higher ticket prices, and the end for many businesses. But when the need or the will is too strong, here’s what you should think of.

What masks do you need while traveling?

Face masks should be worn during the entire flight. But which one’s the best? It must cover your mouth and nose, with at least two layer-design. Gloves and face shields are not mandatory, but change gloves as often as you can and wear a shield that doesn’t fog up.

All about health declaration

Antibody/ RT-PCR test - what’s the difference? RT-PCR test detects a corona infection beforehand, being both accurate and efficient. The antibody test measures the number of antibodies to the coronavirus in people that have been sick or that is recovering from it.

Your next destination

But where can you go in times like these? Here are three destinations with being in quarantine:

  1. The Maldives. Upon arrival, a 30-day tourist visa will be granted. A health declaration needs to be filled out.
  2. Mexico. No need for mandatory quarantine upon arrival. The government requests you still to maintain social distancing.
  3. The Bahamas. Travelers without a history of being infected by COVID-19 are welcome to enter. Apply for a Travel Health Visa on the government’s official website

Your new travel checklist

Destination done, you brought sunscreen and the face mask is in its case. But you should also bring:

  • Water bottle.
  • Hand soap.
  • Health insurance.
  • Things will be fine - it has only been a short delay.

Yes, things have grown harder but MaskZ of Sweden got you covered. Our masks are easy to use, provides protection and color to your daily life. Also, check out our travel kits which have everything you need for an easy, convenient, and safe trip.