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Face shield visor - Protect against airborne infection

Face shield visor - Protect against airborne infection

Face shield visor - Protect against airborne infection as everyone is vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, it becomes essential to apply all security measures to reduce the chances of contagion.

Face shield visor - Protect against airborne infection COVID-19 is a virus that is transmitted mainly by contact with an infected person through droplets that are generated when talking, sneezing, and coughing. The World Health Organization states that the nose, mouth, and eyes are the first channels of contagion. Therefore, the use of a mask is mandatory when leaving home. As well as the face shield in specific situations that we will describe throughout this article.

What is a face shield? A face shield is a plastic shield with an anti-fog coating that works as a face screen to prevent contact with fluids that a person emits through the mouth or nose. At the same time, it prevents touching the face with the hands, thus, it reduces the chances of infection.

Who should wear a face shield? The face shield can be used by anyone, it has no limitations regarding the usage. Even children can use a face shield as it is a personal facial protection material that helps reduce the risk of COVID-19. Also, it is mostly recommended to asthmatic people. However, it is intended to be used under certain circumstances.


When should one wear a face shield? It is recommended to be used in places in which a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be ensured. For example, in public transport, since it is a busy place with little distance between passengers.


At work

Depending on the area of work its usage might be mandatory. For example, doctors, nurses, and any medical personnel are obliged to use a face shield since they maintain contact with patients who may be infected.


During travel

In the case you're intending to plan a trip and must take a plane, the usage of a face shield is not mandatory. Nonetheless, we recommend the usage of this item since you will be in a closed space, surrounded by people, and the distances are usually minimal. Please note that the usage of a face shield, in company with a mask with reduce considerably the risk of infection.

At home It is not necessary to use a face shield at home unless a member of the house is infected. In that case, all the security protocols must be fulfilled.


Can I wear a face shield instead of a mask? No, because it does not provide the level of protection that a mask does. Bear in mind that the face shield is opened on the sides and allows air to flow. Consequently, these air particles flowing in may have had contact with the nose and mouth of an infected person.


Can face shields protect other people from your germs? No studies have fully addressed whether face shields can protect other people from your germs. However, it is demonstrated that it can protect you from external bacteria, germs, and viruses. Particularly, the Coronavirus is spread in large droplets in a radius of 1.5 meters, therefore, the 1.5 meters rule. Shields prevent close-by expelled viruses from hitting another person’s face before they fall.


How you properly wear a face shield Face shield are correctly used when the screen band is placed on the upper part of the forehead and it is possible to cover the face in its entirety.


How do I know my face shield is positioned correctly? The face shield must be firmly secured to the head, it must be straight and firm. Also, the plastic should cover the front of the face: eyes, nose and mouth.


How do you wear the shield with a hat? The face shields offered by Maskz of sweden give you the possibility to use a hat, as long as this accessory does not blur your vision and is comfortable for you. We suggest you choose a hat that has a suitable size to be able to use with the face shield.


How do you use the face shield on a plane while traveling? You must ensure that your face shield is clean and well-positioned covering your face, in specific your mouth, nose, and eyes. You should not touch the inside of the plastic screen and must wash your hands prior and after handling the face shield. Keep in mind that you should use at least a surgical mask or a FFP2 mask together with the face shield.


Cleaning the shield It is important to keep the face shield clean and disinfected because in this way the risk of contracting a virus, especially COVID-19, is reduced.


When should I clean my face shield? Every time you use it. Specially when you get back home, in this moment you must disinfect it carefully.


What should I use to clean my face shield? You can use water and soap at home, making sure to rinse properly and not leaving any trace of soap on the mask. Rub gently on the shield to keep the anti-fog coating for a longer time. We recommend not to use alcohol when cleaning the face shield as it could remove the anti-fog coating. Outside home, you can use any non-alcoholic disinfecting wipe to clean the face shield.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a face shield stop me from getting coronavirus? No. However, the correct usage of the face shield will lower the probabilities of infection.


Why does my hairdresser wear a face shield? The hairdresser, by the nature of the job, must be working in a very short distance with the customer, barely keeping a considerable distance with the main spots of contagion (mouth, nose and eye), making it a risky profession. Also, a face shield prevents people's hair from getting caught in the masks, giving an extra protection to the hairdresser.


Do the new face masks rules include visors and face shields? No. Although there is currently no regulation regarding the mandatory use of face shields, the European Union recognizes them as personal protection equipment that can be used by anyone who wishes to increase the level of protection. Also, workers in the healthcare industry are the only one that must use face shields, since it was intended to specially protect frontline doctors, nurses, and remaining health personnel.


Are there special shields for kids? Yes. Face shield are adapted to different sizes so kids can be also protected. MaskZ of Sweden offers a huge variety of face shield for kids with different designs based on cartoons.

Is a face shield reusable? Yes, as long as it is cleaned after using it accordingly.