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All you need to know before buying Hand disinfectant

All you need to know before buying Hand disinfectant

Clean and safe hands against COVID-19 Hand disinfectant : all you need to know before buying In these times we're living in, it is really important to maintain clean hands and disinfect them to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Hands disinfectant: all you need to know before buying Living with such a contagious virus like the COVID-19, which has taken away around 1 million lives worldwide, has forced a change in our society, forcing a new hygiene routine and protocol before leaving the house. The most important measure to prevent the spread of the virus is to maintain clean hands. In this new way of living we will explain what you need to know about hand sprays.


What is a hand disinfectant ? It is a product, mainly elaborated with alcohol, which eliminates germs of your hands when it is not possible to wash them with water and soap.


How does the hand disinfectant work? By applying hand disinfectant , with at least 60% of alcohol, it can eliminate 99,9% of the germs and microbes in just seconds. Maintaining your hands clean and safe from COVID-19.


Will my skin burn when applying hand disinfectant ? Unless you have an open wound, dermatitis or sensitive skin the hand spray should not cause any burning sensation.


Different types of disinfectants According to The Spanish Institute of Security and Hygiene at Work there are different chemicals that act as a disinfectant with different purposes:

● Hydrogen peroxide: is corrosive and oxidizing. It can be used in detergent steam processes.

● Ethyl alcohol (ethanol): is the most used and known for topical use.

● Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol): is an antiseptic for topical use with a similar efficiency to ethanol.

● Aldehyde: destroy the microscopic bacterias and fungus. It is used on surfaces and tools.

● Formaldehyde: is a dangerous corrosive disinfectant.

Hand disinfectant with alcohol In order to maintain clean and safe hands against COVID-19 the hand spray needs to have at least 60% of alcohol. This type of product can dry your skin quite a lot that’s why it is important to use hand cream once the product has dried ; another option is to use products without alcohol like our pocket spray, ideal to take care of your hands thanks to the non-alcohol formula. Also important to mention that this hand spray is endorsed by the European Union under the code EN1500.


Hand disinfectant in gel Disinfectants exist in spray and gel versions. They have the same goal, elimination of bacterias, as long as it has more than 60% of alcohol, like the disinfectant Gotdya which has 75% of alcohol.


Which ingredients does the disinfectant contain? According to the World Health Organization disinfectants should contain: 96% ethanol, 98% glycerol, 3% hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Vitamins and fragrances can be added to this formula in order to take care of our hands. Other ingredients can be used like carbomer, triethanolamine and polysorbate.


Is it safe to use? Yes, if the disinfectants are made with the adequate quantities to be used on your skin. It is important to check on the label that the product is endorsed by the European Union.


How to apply the disinfectant? 1. Apply a moderate amount of disinfectant on your hand 2. Rub your hands spreading the product over your whole hand 3. Wait for it to dry


What if I have sensitive skin? In case of having sensitive skin it is recommended to use a hand disinfectant without alcohol,for example, the pocket spray.


Which germs can a hand disinfectant kill? According to the magazine Popular Science, when using a hand disinfectant with 60% of alcohol you can eliminate Influenza, Eschericha Coli, SARM, Tuberculosis, Ebola, SARS, among others.


Is it better to use a hand disinfectant or wash your hands with soap? The experts recommend washing your hands for at least 40 seconds with water and soap to eliminate those germs that are not eliminated with the hand disinfectant, like the Cryptosporidium, Norovirus and Clostridium Difficile.


When to wash your hands and when to use the hand disinfectant? It depends on the situation. But to assure correct hand hygiene, the doctors recommend washing your hands with water and soap using the right technique.


Hand disinfectant when travelling: What should I take into account? The disinfectants with over 65% of alcohol might be considered as a Hazardous Goods, so it might be a good idea to use one without alcohol. As well the size of it should be considered. The ideal hand disinfectant for this occasion is the Pocket Spray.


Hand disinfectant to use in planes The most adequate is the Pocket Spray, thanks to its comfortable design, its alcohol free formula and its hydrating components. In addition, it can also be used on electronic devices.

Wet Wipes to use for phones It is hard to find wet wipes to disinfect electronic devices, as they can not contain alcohol which causes damage on the electronic devices.

How do the travel bottles look? They are very practical as they are under 100ml, which is the maximum amount allowed in hand luggage. The most common ones are 100ml, 50ml and 30ml.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a special disinfectant for kids? No, they should use a hand disinfectant with 60% or over.


When do hand sanitizers expire? Depends on the components and the manufacturer. Check the label. The alcohol free pocket Spray has a 5 years expiration date and the Gotdya has an expiration of 2 years.


Will the disinfectant stain my clothes? No


Spray or gel? Spray as it absorbs faster.