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          • January 11, 2021 Where does the world’s mask come from?
            Where does the world’s mask come from? Most people have a relationship with face masks nowadays and for many of us, it’s something that we always bring together with everything else. But how much do know about where the masks are being made?
          • January 07, 2021 Unmasking the Social Stigma
            Unmasking the Social Stigma Most countries apply social distancing, lockdowns, and face masks to protect themselves from air-borne microbes. But some countries don’t force their citizens to cover their faces with a mask – why’s that? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the reason why.
          • January 04, 2021 All About New Mask Regulation in Sweden!
            All About New Mask Regulation in Sweden! Up until now, Swedish law has not been compatible with the effects of the pandemic which made it impossible to give directs orders so therefore it has been only recommendations instead. But from January 10 2021 until the end of September, the new pandemic law is suggested to come into force.
          • December 29, 2020 Gear Up for Safe Travels!
            Gear Up for Safe Travels! The effect that corona has had on the airline industry is clear: tourists are required to be insured, higher ticket prices, and the end for many businesses. But when the need or the will is too strong, here’s what you should think of.


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